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Stanley LHHI00107-GY Home/Improvement Usage / Set Kayu Pahat 16-089-Grey

RM 75.65

Stanley LHHI00107-GY Home/Improvement Usage Wood Chisel Set 16-089 / Set Kayu Pahat 16-089-Grey

Seeking for scraping, paring and multi-tasking product? This Wood Chisel Set product helps on careful repairing and have exact ground cutting edges. This product also offers hold-handler to enhance safety. The blades of this product has heat tempered functions and avoid rusting. The size of this product is Stanley Wood Chisel Set 16-089. It helps on usage of mortising cut, chopping and paring cut and scraping. The product has been tested for safety and it is suitable for home and professional usage.

Product Specification

  • Product Feature: Stanley Wood Chisel Set
  • Product Material: High Carbon Steel surface
  • Product Size: 16-089
  • Product dimensions: 1/2-13mm, 3/4-19mm, 1-25mm
  • Product color: Grey blades and black hold-handler
  • Brand: Stanley