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Stanley LHDT0070 Premium Chrome Vanadium Steel Straight Jaw Locking Plier ( 175 x 60 x 20 mm)

RM 49.46

Stanley LHDT0070 Premium Chrome Vanadium Steel Straight Jaw Locking Plier ( 175 x 60 x 20 mm) 

This is a straight jaw locking plier ideal for precision work. It can be use for clamping, pulling nails and staples, extracting rounded nuts and others. It is made of chrome vanadium steel which is durable. This product has been tested for safety, and it is suitable for home, office, and hotel.

Product Specification

  • Product feature:   Multiuse straight jaw locking plier 
  • Product material: Premium chrome vanadium steel 
  • Product dimension: L 175 x W 60 x H 20 mm