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Stanley LHDT0054-BL Home/ Professional Usage Rubber Mallet Black/ Paluan Getah Stanley "13" Hitam

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Stanley LHDT0054- BL Home/Professional Usage Rubber Mallet Black/ Paluan Getah Stanley- 13 Hitam

Seeking for DIY multi-purpose tools? Stanley Rubber Mallet tool is the durable tools and the size is in 57-528. It helps on usual house tasks and the mallet part is able to pound out the things. It makes from the tough rubber head and hardwood handle enable to minimize the surface bouncing and damaging when striking. The usage for this product is mainly for finishing work especially the tough rubber head comes with a wood handle. The product has been tested for safety and it is suitable for home and professional usage.

Product Specification

  • Product feature: Stanley Rubber Mallet 13
  • Product Material: Hardwood handle and tough rubber head
  • Product Size: 57-528
  • Product Dimensions: 1180mm, 980mm,3430mm
  • Product Color: Black
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