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Stanley LHDT00121-LGY Home/ Professional Usage Ball Pein Hammer "16"/ Stanley Bola Pein Tukul 16 Kelabu Cerah

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Stanley LHDT00120-LGY Home/Professional Usage Ball Pein Hammer 16 / Stanley Bola Pein Tukul 16 Kelabu Cerah

Seeking for DIY tool to shape metal materials? Stanley Ball Pein Hammer is the ideal tool for the usage of shaping and striking metal materials. The size of Stanley Ball Pein Hammer 15 is 54-193. It helps on the usage of striking, hitting etches and punches that would use to form the general shapes of the material in metal fabrication. The designation of ball pein hammer provides sturdiness and long life while the head until handle parts is able to enhance safety. Peening surface is helpful to adjust the edges of metal pins and fasteners like rivets. The product has been tested for safety and it is suitable for home and professional usage.

Product Specification

  • Product feature: Stanley Ball Pein Hammer 16
  • Product Material: Hardwood handle and ball pein hammer
  • Product Size: 54-193
  • Product Dimensions: 400mm, 140mm,100mm
  • Product Color: Light grey