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Makita LHDT1331 Round Segment Saw Blade Hand Tool Accessory 85 mm Diameter

RM 116.51

Makita LHDT1331 Round Segment Saw Blade Hand Tool Accessory 85 mm Diameter 

This is a round segmented saw blade that is suitable for you to use on grinder or hand tool. The saw blade tooth design and precise angle ensure the sharpness and smoothness of the saw blade cutting. It is suitable for cutting wood, PVC, plastics . It is made with high carbon steel materials, guaranteeing durability. The product has been tested for safety and it is suitable for the workplace.

Product Specification

  • Product Feature: Round Segmented saw blade bi-metal teeth are ideal for cutting  wood, PVC, plastics high durability and economical.
  • Product Dimension: 85mm diameter
  • Designed for use on Makita LXMT021, LXMT02ZKX1, TM3000CX1, TM3010CX3 Multi-Tools
  • Original Brand: Makita