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Deka LHHA0649BL Ceiling Fan 56 Blade with 4 Speed Remote Controller & Ultra-bright - Black

RM 458.01

Deka LHHA0649BL Ceiling Fan 56" Blade with 4 Speed Remote Controller & Ultra-bright

Need to have a cooling ceiling fan at the same time brighten the living room? Well, this ceiling fan by Deka has these features. It has five blades of aerodynamic design with a 22W ultra-bright LED. It comes with four-speed and a remote controller for you to adjust to your preferred speed. The product has been tested for safety, and it is suitable for home, office, and hotel.

Product Specification

  • Product feature: High-efficiency motor silent 56" blade ceiling fan with 4 speed remote controller and ultra-bright
  • Product RPM (Low): 100
  • Product RPM (High): 245
  • Product measurement: 56" diameter with high air flow design
  • Product speed: 4 speed
  • Product reverse function: Yes
  • Product timer: 1.3.6 hour timer
  • Product blades: 5 blades A.B.S polymer aerodynamic design
  • Product remote control: Slimline full function remote control
  • Product LED: 22W ultra-bright LED
  • Product mix tone: 4000K
  • Product day light: 6000K
  • Product warm light: 3000K
  • Product capacity (CFM): 2.9
  • Product wattage (Low): 14.5
  • Product wattage (High): 73.0
  • Product colour: Titanium
  • Product box dimension: L605mm X W330mm X H305mm
  • Origin brand: Deka