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Deka LHHA0245 Ceiling Fan 56 Metal Blade with Regulator

RM 172.73

Deka LHHA0245 Ceiling Fan 56" Metal Blade with Regulator

Need to have a cooling ceiling fan for your home living? Well, this ceiling fan by Deka has this feature. It has five metal blades, and it comes with a five speeds regulator for you to adjust to your preferred speed. There are two colours to choose from which are white and black. The product has been tested for safety, and it is suitable for home, office, and hotel.

Product Specification

  • Product feature: 56" blade ceiling fan with 5 speed electronics wall regulator
  • Product RPM (Low): 115
  • Product RPM (High): 280
  • Product measurement: 56" diameter
  • Product speed: 5 speed
  • Product blades: 5 metal blades epoxy finish design
  • Product remote control: Electronics wall regulator
  • Product motor: AC motor
  • Product wattage (Low): 220
  • Product wattage (High): 240
  • Product colour: White / Black
  • Product box dimension: L716mm X W360mm X H240mm
  • Origin brand: Deka