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Boonhardware SCKC35 Waterproof And Dustproof Transparent 5-In-1 Airtight Kitchen Storage Container

RM 24.82

Boonhardware SCKC35 Waterproof And Dustproof Transparent  5-In-1 Airtight Kitchen Storage Container

This 5-in-1 kitchen storage container is made of high quality PP plastic that is tested safe to be used. Since it is made of PP plastic, it is very lightweight and durable. It comes with good airtight sealing in helping preserve freshness and crispness of the food. It can be used to store different kind of food such as rice, cereal, sugar, coffee and etc. This product has been tested for safety and it is suitable for home, office and hotel.

Product Specification

  • Product Function: Storage
  • Product Material: PP plastic
  • Product dimension: L 145mm x W 75mm x H 300mm
  • Product weight: 0.54kg
  • Product colour: Transparent
  • Product capacity: 0.3L, 0.5L, 0.7L, 1.0L, 1.5L