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Boonhardware LHHI0030GY Outdoor/ Living Garden Steel Handle Shovel Flat-Grey

RM 21.18

Boonhardware LHHI0030 GY Outdoor/ Living Garden Steel Handle Shovel Flat/Sekop Pemegang Keluli Flat- Grey

Looking for garden tools to dig, lift, and moving bulk materials? Steel Handle Shovel is the ideal tool for the gardening needs. This Steel Handle Shovel provides sturdiness and long life while the handle parts is able to enhance safety. The size of steel handle shovel is in flat shape. This Steel Handle Shovel is available for multi-purpose gardening needs like lifting, digging and others. The designation of this product is able to safe time and effort for gardening needs. The product has been tested for safety and it is suitable for home, outdoor and garden usage.

Product Specification

  • Product feature: Handle Shovel Flat
  • Product Material: Steel
  • Product Size: Flat Shape
  • Product Dimensions: 250mm, 100mm, 250mm
  • Product Color: Grey
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